About me

I once hustled so hard I gave myself an asthma attack.

Young people don’t have a lot of accomplishments, which is why they lead their biographies with their age. For now I am feeling 22, though I am sure that will change soon.

People also like to identify with their music. At the moment, I listen to entirely too much of the Mountain Goats. All of my post titles are stolen from Mountain Goats songs. I like a bunch of other things though and if you’d like to discuss music with me I’d be happy to.

People also identify with their books. One way you can tell if some one stopped reading after high school is if they say their favorite book is the Great Gatsby*. I just finished Pale Fire, which is a ridiculous and ridiculously impressive book. It took me three tries to get all the way through, kind of like my beloved Infinite Jest. At the moment I’m reading Y The Last Man, which is an a-w-e-s-o-m-e comic.

I like to write about economics, history, design, startups, movies and writing. I’m also really preoccupied by the intersection of innovation and policy, and my views on the latter are really strongly influenced by social contract philosophers, especially John Rawls. I also have a soft spot for some strains of libertarian philosophy that you can find if you poke around enough.

I’m super geared up about space and biohacking, both of which I’m still learning about. If you’d like to chat about space economics, I know a little bit about it and would enjoy hearing from you.

I also like to screenwrite with my very talented screenwriter/director brother, Matt.

If you see something you like on my blog, please tell me. It will make me feel good about myself and like you. Maybe we can get drinks or you will help me find a job!

You can reach me at jmbirnho @ u m i c h . e d u .

*I happen to really like Gatsby, for the record!

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